A fun themed class consisting of stories, creative arts, crafts and song time

Your child is in a learning stage and therefore whilst they are still young and open to ideas, engaging them in arts and crafts will help bring out their creative ability.  We are now in a digital world where everything is done at the touch of a button so this is the ideal environment to let them explore their creative side. There is no right or wrong way in exploring one’s own creativity and it’s all about the journey rather than what they actually make.


Each week we have a much loved story book with our arts and crafts activity themed around it, which will be anything from “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” to “Aliens Love Underpants”.  Activities are designed to encourage your child’s natural curiosity and they are encouraged to free flow between them, depending on what they want to explore.  You are encouraged to stand back and let them take the lead.


The free flow and supportive environment provides the clear benefits and the perfect opportunity to:



The classes are split into two approximate age groups:


This programme has been carefully written to develop many skills that underpin the Early Years Framework to provide a foundation for school.  BUT, the focus is very much on the child to have fun and play.


So, bring your little one on an exciting journey with Flutterbabies.