What is Baby Massage?

It is a great way to bond with your baby and enhance communication through touch.


Are there any benefits to Baby Massage?

Yes, there are lots.  The main ones are it aids digestion, boots immunity, helps sleep, can help relieve colic and constipation and help relaxation for you both.


What age can my little one start?

From newborn up to crawling although there is no hard and fast rule, whenever suits you both.


Do I bring my own oil with me?

No, all oils are provided in class  However, if you have a favourite oil that you use at home, please feel free to bring this with you.


What do I bring to class?

Mats are provided but we ask that you bring a towel to lie your baby on (you may need 2 in case of any accidents!!)  Apart from that all you need is yourself, your baby and the normal things you take out with you (nappies, wipes, bottle if needed etc)  You'll be sitting on the floor so make sure that you are wearing comfortable clothes that you can easily move in.


How long are the classes?

Each class is an hour long which includes time for chat and sharing advice.  The massage part lasts as long as your baby is happy being massaged.


What if my baby doesn't seem to enjoy it or cries?

Babies do cry and this is perfectly normal, so don't worry.  Everyone in the class has a baby too so it is perfectly acceptable and everyone understands.  Try to establish if there is a reason why your baby is unhappy - are they tired, hungry, too cold/warm or unwell?  It may take a while for your baby to become familiar to the new surroundings, but try to relax as if you are tense your baby will be too!


What if my baby wants feeding during the class?

Don't worry, you are welcome to breastfeed or bottlefeed at any time during the class so just go ahead.


What is my baby I s asleep or falls asleep during the class?

That's fine!!  You can watch for a while and you'll be able to practice the strokes at home and in future classes.


What if my baby is ill?

If you or your baby have any of the following then please do not bring them to class until it has completely cleared:


  • Any form of infectious disease (such as chicken pox)
  • Sickness and/or diarrhoea
  • Conjunctivitis as this is easily spread.


Do I need to check with my doctor before coming to classes?

If your baby is receiving any form of medical treatment then please seek the advice of your GP or Health Visitor before attending.


Should I come if my baby has a cold?

If you or your baby is suffering from a common ailment such as a cold or sniffles, please feel free to attend, but remember you or your baby may not feel up to it and may not enjoy the class as much as usual.


What if I miss a week or don't get to massage in class?

Each class we'll introduce a new set of strokes or movements.  If you miss a class you'll be able to catch up at the next class when we review the strokes and you'll also have the handouts to refer to.  At the last class we'll recap the full massage sequence.


What is the format of the classes?

They are very relaxed and baby led - if your baby is in the mood for a massage that's great, if not then that's fine too.  You are encouraged to do whatever you need to meet your baby's needs during the class which includes feeding, changing, cuddling, comforting and playing.

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