Do I need to book a course or can I do sessions on a PAYG basis?

We run all our sessions in courses – this enables us to plan and ensure that we have enough materials for everyone.  Places are limited by the size of room and we have maximum numbers in each class for safety reasons.  We also recommend you attend regularly for the benefit of your child – it helps with their confidence and also building skills.


Do you offer a sibling discount?

If you have a sibling under the age of 10 months you are welcome to bring them along for nothing.  For two siblings in the same class we offer a 20% discount on the course fee.


What do I need to bring with me to class?

All materials are provided and included in the price of the classes.  Your little one will be painting and crafting so we suggest some old clothes as they may get messy.  Bring a change of clothing along too and for the younger class you may need a towel to wipe your toddler down.


Why do you split the classes into two age groups?

This enables us to cater better for your little one and their ability.  Obviously a 10 month old and a 3 year old have totally different capabilities and we want to be able to cater for everyone in the one class, eg a 10 month old won’t be able to attempt to use scissors!  Even though there is the same theme and story for each class every week, the activities carried out will be different so as to meet the needs and aid the development of the children and babies.


We also use Ofsted guidelines to help encourage learning, listening, coordination and creativity.


What happens in each class?

We start each class with a story which usually incorporates the theme of the rest of the class.  This encourages a fun start to the class and gets your child ready for what’s ahead in the session. There are then several different stations within the room and you are encouraged to let your little one lead the way and decide what they want to do.  We like parents to stand back and let their little one guide them


The activities are designed to encourage children’s natural curiosity and they can “free flow” between them according to what they enjoy.  Activities could include sticking, messy play, building, painting, colouring, chalking, creating and many more.


Each class closes with a goodbye song which indicates it is time to pack up.


We believe having a framework for the class is important for children to feel comfortable and confident.


What if my little one doesn’t want to join in/seem to be enjoying it?

We sometimes find the children take a while to settle into a class, it’s a new environment for them and they may want to explore and run around the room, rather than join in.  That’s fine and they will soon settle.  We don’t run highly structured classes and your little one is free to move from activity to activity when they want, in fact we encourage this.


You will find your little one will very quickly get used to the routine of storytime, art and crafts and then goodbye song.  And we all have off days so don’t panic if they don’t co-operate on the first session.  All our teachers and mothers too and totally understand the tantrums and meltdowns as they’ve no doubt been through it themselves!


What if my child is ill?

If you or your child have any of the following then please do not bring them to class until it has completely cleared:

·      Any form of infectious disease (such as chicken pox)

·      Sickness and/or diarrhoea

·      Conjunctivitis as this is extremely infectious





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