Flutterbabies teaches baby swimming, baby yoga, baby massage and music classes in the Leeds and Yorkshire area. Our baby yoga classes are a fun and loving way to interact with your baby. Our baby swimming classes are a great way to teach your baby about the joys of swimming. Each of our baby swimming and baby yoga classes in Leeds and Yorkshire are designed to be relaxed and structured around the pace of your baby. Our baby swimming and baby yoga classes in Leeds and Yorkshire take place during school term time. Please note, all swimming photos are copyright of Swim Shots.

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What is Baby Yoga?

It provides mental stimulation for your baby through gentle exercises and movement.  You will have fun playing, stretching and then relaxing together, mother and baby focusing on each other.  It isn't just something that you "do" to your baby, you do yoga "with" your baby.  

Is it just for baby or does Mum get any benefit?

Baby Yoga will give you more confidence in handling your baby and once you've learnt the exercises you will be able to use them at home to continue the bonding and soothing.  Bonding is encouraged through close skin to skin contact, praise, encouragement and mutual enjoyment.  Postnatal postures are used to help re-align and strengthen Mum's body, tone abdominal and pelvic floor muscles and also balance the hormonal changes that occur after childbirth.  It can also help with postnatal depression.   Most importantly, the deep relaxation session at the end of the baby yoga session helps mum cope with the stress of parenting.  Even if Mum has never practiced yoga herself before, there are some deep breathing techniques she will learn during the classes that will help her relax, de-stress and hopefully sleep better.  

What happens in a class?  

Don't worry, you won't be expected to get your baby into strange positions!  You'll follow a series of simple stretches to begin with before giving your baby lots of skin-to-skin contact and very gentle muscle stimulation without any force.  We always start off with a gentle massage for baby to warm their muscles up, just like we would warm our own muscles before any activity.  

Is it safe?

Every move we do is safe, but we appreciate some parents may not want to do some of the moves as they are unusual to them.  This is not a problem.

Can Baby Yoga help with colic etc?

Yes, it can help with the following common difficulties:

Colic and crying


Constipation and digestive problems

Slow weight gain

Feeding difficulties

Sleeping patterns

What benefit does Baby Yoga have for my baby?

How old does my baby have to be to start exercising?

We recommend from around 8 weeks old and the sequences need to be appropriate for the age of the baby.  We start very gently with smaller babies and as they gain strength and head control, we move to more energetic and fun routines.

Is there an upper age limit?  

We recommend starting baby yoga before your baby starts crawling as once they are more mobile it is very difficult to maintain their interest with the static exercises.

What if my baby doesn't seem to enjoy it or cries?

Babies do cry and this is perfectly normal, so don't worry.  Everyone in the class has a baby too so it is perfectly acceptable and everyone understands.  Try to establish if there is a reason why your baby is unhappy - are they tired, hungry, too cold/warm or unwell?  It may take a while for your baby to become familiar to the new surroundings, but try to relax as if you are tense your baby will be too!

What if my baby wants feeding during the class?

Don't worry, you are welcome to breastfeed or bottle feed at any time during the class, particularly during the relaxation session.

What if my baby is ill?

If you or your baby have any of the following then please do not bring them to class until it has completely cleared:

- Any form of infectious disease (such as chicken pox)

- Sickness and/or diarrhoea

What if my baby has just had their immunisations?  

Please feel free to come along to class but there will be some exercises you will need to avoid and also bear in mind your baby may not be feeling well.

Do I need to check with my doctor before coming to classes?

If your baby is receiving any form of medical treatment then please seek the advice of your GP or Health Visitor before attending.

Should I come if my baby has a cold?  

If you or your baby is suffering from a common ailment such as a cold or sniffles, please feel free to attend, but remember you or your baby may not feel up to it and may not enjoy the class as much as usual.

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