These classes are unlike any other traditional swimming programme or dry land sensory class

Develop, Learn and Explore


Our objective during the course will be to unlock your child’s potential development for life.  We combine traditional dry land activities like music, massage, singing, signing, discovery play and movement in the swimming pool, which is in fact a natural multi-sensory environment itself.


Aqua Sensory has been written in conjunction with many experts in their fields from health visitors, occupational therapists, early year practitioners and psychologists.  It is truly a unique programme and a first in the UK.  You will find Aqua Sensory not only a fun class to participate in, but a programme where you can tune in and learn all about your child’s development.


It is a worrying trend for our children of today as many are simply not reaching their full potential.  Health visitors are reporting advanced preschoolers due to early exposure to technology, but this comes at a price as many have delayed physical skills.


Schools in the key stage years are also highlighting children with poor vision, balance, clumsiness and anxiety issues.  Sensory disorders are also on the increase, but did you know that many of these disorders could be helped greatly with the right environment during the crucial preschool years.


Some weeks we will explore different themes like pirates, bugs, space and jungle and you will be asked to “stand back” and allow your child to explore and take the lead.  This child-led way of learning is crucial for their development.  We will show you how to guide them around the activities, how to talk to them and how to encourage new ways of exploring.  They will be exposed to many sensory activities which will enable you to tap into their enjoyment. You will find that Aqua Sensory acts as a “sign post” to develop your child’s interests and learning potential.


You are their role model, we will show you how to build their confidence and self esteem.


Suitable for 8 months to 4 years.


If you have any questions - please visit our FAQ page which should provide all the answers.